Violin & Bow Makers Summer Workshops

Violin Makers 2010 Bow Makers 2010 Frank Hall Violin makers at work carving a scroll Bow making

The Southern California Violin Makers Workshop, held every summer since 2006, provides a unique environment where participants of all levels can learn about violin and bow making techniques in a supportive atmosphere from internationally recognized experts in the field.

The workshop takes place each June on the campus of Pomona College in beautiful Claremont, California. Violin making is taught by Michael Darnton; bow making is taught by either Lynn Armour Hannings or George Rubino. Mr. Darnton, Ms. Hannings, and Mr. Rubino have distinguished themselves as much for their teaching abilities as for their excellent craftsmanship.

The workshop has served as an inspiration for participants from various parts of California, the United States, and several other countries. Many participants return each year because of the opportunity for intensive learning, the camaraderie among the participants, and the welcoming environment and attention to detail provided by workshop organizer Jim Brown.